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Detection of pathological cells in the analysis of blood and bone marrow
Analyzer of leukocyte subpopulations
Blast Cell Analyzer
Analyzer of tumor lesion of bone marrow
The analyzer of diseases of thrombocytes
and others
Defined pathological cells:
Plyasunova S.A.
Detection of nosologies in images of the "fundus"
Analyzer of diabetic lesion
Glaucoma Analyzer
Analyzer of cardiovascular diseases
and others
Defined nosologies:
Kurenkov V.V.
Chest X-ray
When analyzing chest radiographs, a number of specific symptoms are identified:
- a change in the pulmonary pattern, which is necessary to identify various pathologies of the cardiovascular system, increased pulmonary artery pressure, etc.)
-infiltration changes in pulmonary tissue (foci and foci of consolidation, infiltrates),
-analysis of soft tissues and bone structures (detection of age, traumatic and pathological changes).
The totality of studies allows to identify and diagnose at an early stage such severe diseases of the chest as: tuberculosis, cancer, typical and atypical pneumonia, bone diseases and others.
Defined nosologies:
Shcherbakov A.P.
The treatment of breast cancer depends heavily on the stage of the disease.
Mammogram research is a very labor-intensive process, available to an experienced specialist.
To help doctors come the system of computer vision.
Starting: 2019
Computer tomography is based on the impact of X-ray radiation. The rays produce an annular contour within which there is a table or couch for the patient. A series of layered images is taken from different angles. Later on a three-dimensional result is generated. The complexity of diagnosis is increased at times, since the doctor should study each layer separately. The thickness of the cut is 1 mm.
Launch: 2020
Mobile ultrasound
Ultrasound is one of the leading methods of modern diagnostics. It is highly effective, safe, painless and does not require a lot of time. Mobile ultrasound scanner together with a digital analyzer allow to carry out the procedure in outside of hospital conditions.
Starting: 2021
Detection accuracy
For clarity, a table with the current accuracy of detection of pathological blood cells is given. The names of the rows (and columns) show the volume of the training sample. The average recognition accuracy is 87.3%.
Neural networks
Neural networks make available assistance for each patient, significantly shorten the time until the correct diagnosis is made, allowing timely initiation of the right treatment and, thus, significantly improve the effectiveness of treatment, reducing its cost. That is why any person, irrespective of his location, gets an equal opportunity to get an adequate algorithm of actions in accordance with his disease and receive necessary help in time.
Professional Doctors
Artificial intelligence already helps to monitor, identify and prevent diseases in the early stages
A unique tool
The doctor of artificial intelligence provides a versatile tool for prompt and automatic detection of patients at risk, requiring additional examination and treatment, early diagnosis of diseases, monitoring and timely correction of the prescribed treatment, and evaluation of the effectiveness of disease prevention.
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