Intelligent monitoring
for safer patients
AI-based clinical observation system
Protocol Adherence Monitoring

The system monitors nurse roundings, calculates important care metrics and sends rounding reminders
Virtual Observation
on Demand

Third Opinion Care supports virtual visits to save nurse time and effort to monitor patients requiring special attention
Real-time detection of adverse events

Third Opinion Care computer vision algorithm continuously detects adverse events and notifies medical staff
Optical Sensor
Third Opinion Care supports any brand of surveillance cameras. Live video and recording are optional
AI Analysis
Using computer vision algorithms, the system detects abnormal events in real time

All data is processed locally
Real-time Alerts
Push notifications are instantly sent to the nurse station, mobile application or smart watch.

Medical staff can be notified of an alert when being busy in any clinic area.
Automatic Reports
AI reports provide valuable information about what staff time is spent on for necessary changes in facility processes
Home Care (soon)
Objective monitoring of staff workload

Evidence base in cases of claims

Preventing patient falls

Staff motivation tool

Safety-related harm costs reduction

Сlinic certification support and increasing hospital value

For Management
For Staff
Objective nursing quality monitoring

Workload reduction via remote monitoring

Alerts when help is needed

Assistance with patient's condition

Monitoring of compliance with medical supervision

Evidence base in case of claims
Instant reaction in dangerous situations

Anxiety reduction

Guaranteed privacy

Comfort of patient's families
For Patients
Computer Vision Algorithms
95% Algorithm Accuracy
confirmed by independent tests
Adjustable for facility
No biometry needed
Privacy and Data Protection
Local data storage

Optional live stream and video archive with sound
Privacy mode with blurred images

Automatic camera shut off if necessary
Our Clients' Feedback
Alexandra Zykova
CV algorithms let the system in real time detect and notify medical staff in case any incidents or accidents occur. Caregiver response time in adverse events has been substantially reduced. Smart observation also has a positive impact on the psychological state of patients and their relatives

Head of Therapy Unit
Tatiana Shapovalenko
Current practises in hospitals abroad - where similar AI monitoring systems have already been implemented - demonstrate the necessity to embed advanced technologies to increase quality and safety of medical care. Increased medical staff workload indicates the need to integrate the latest technologies into medical processes to improve the quality and safety of care. During the COVID-19, Third Opinion AI-monitoring allowed us to reduce contacts with patients and eliminate the risk of contamination in medical staff
Chief Medical Officer
Vadim Daminov
Head of Rehabilitation Unit
Based on our experience, AI is the most efficient tool for monitoring the dynamics of patient's daily activity and quality of care. We use the data to oversee staff performance as well as to improve patient recovery plan
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