AI technologies for
Healthcare System

Data-driven approach to new standards of healthcare provision
Third Opinion AI is a developer of AI-driven systems to support medical decision processes as well as software products to ensure high quality of medical care provision
Social Welfare Institutions
Psycho-neurological hospitals, nursing homes
Reference centers
Outpatient and inpatient facilities
Medical Institutions
Intelligent Monitoring for Patients Safety and enhanced nursing provided with algorithms of computer vision
AI Monitoring
Detection of semiotic features on X-rays, CT and MRI
Al for Radiology
Automated digital enumeration of cells on a digitized peripheral blood and bone marrow smear
Laboratory Diagnostics
Dental analysis and dynamics control
AI for Dentistry
AI for Ophthalmology
Detection of diabetic retinopathy symptoms in eyeground images
Winner of the First
Startup Contest
The first provider of specialized video analysis service for health care
Finalist of the 2020 competition in the nomination of "Changing Reality"
Approval in Software as a Medical Device (class 3) by Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare
In 2019 "Third Opinion AI" won Sber500Startups acceleration program and took on acceleration in Silicon Valley
In 2020 "Third Opinion. AI-Monitoring" service became the first one in Russia video analysis service for medical facilities
Finalist of Moscow Mayor's Award for the best innovative projects
The first approval for SaMD in radiology (in Russia)
The Leader of Experiment
On the Use of Innovative Computer Vision Technologies for Analysis of Medical Images related to CT Covid-19 to be applied in Moscow Healthcare System
Third Opinion AI services won the accelerator "The Future of Healthcare" of Medtech Center of Moscow and MEDSI
Winner of the accelerator of medical startups Future Healthcare
Third Opinion AI cooperates with digital transformation leaders and leading medical research centers
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