Third Opinion AI
Artificial intelligence in retina pathology diagnostics
We change ways in diagnosis of socially significant diseases
We lowered the threshold for professionals who can screen large patients flow
We simplify process of screening
Any medical specialist - ophtalmologist, family physician, physician on duty, midwife feldsher - can examine eyeground with help of Third Opinion Service.
Third Opinion Care. Ophthalmology and aims of screening
Diabetic retinopathy
Diabetic retinopathy - is a complication which affects all patients with diabetes. In generally it does not affect vision in its initial (non-proliferative) stage, however over time it can lead to significant visual impairment including blindnes
Timely disease identification will save vision and improve patients life quality
Age-related macular degeneration
AMD is a chronic disease which affects persons over 50 y.o. It is important to be screened once a year due to its high prevalence (15 cases per 1000) and a long list of causes.
Hypertensive retinopathy
High blood pressure can affect retina and cause hypertensive retinopathy, arteriovenous changes in retina that is to be under controll since they can cause other eye diseases.
Glaucoma is one of the most dangerous eye diseases. Optic nerve gradually dies and a person loose vision. Initial disease stages are asymptomatic so that it complicates timely diagnosis.
How it works
Medical specialist makes an eyeground image
AI-algorithm generates instantly a conclusion
Doctor validates a result
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