Round-the-clock automated monitoring to ensure the safety of residents and prevent accidents
Intelligent monitoring
for nursing-homes
Preventing falls
According to WHO, up to half of the elderly in nursing homes falls at least once a year, and a third - even more often.

Up to 30% of those who fall are injured, which reduce their degree of mobility and independence and increase the risk of premature death.

If a risk of falls is detected, the smart monitoring system will send notifications to the caregiver.
Objective monitoring of residents' condition during long-term care
To maintain a high-quality standard of living, it is important to monitor the condition, behavior, activity of residents and notice changes in time. But it is not always possible to do this when there are a lot of residents in the boarding house, and the staff is periodically replaced.

Smart monitoring tracks the activity of residents and detects changes in behavior, allowing you to take the necessary measures in time.
Prevention of bedsore formation
Bedridden residents are at risk of bedsores. In addition to expensive treatment and long-term care, bedsores cause physical and moral suffering.

Regular change of position helps to prevent more than 80% of cases of bedsores.

The smart monitoring system will remind you of the need to change the position of residents.
A tool for objective quality control of services provided
It is important for both the management and relatives of residents to understand how high-quality care is provided to residents. There may be controversial situations in which the word of the resident turns out to be against the word of the staff.

AI monitoring provides automatic analytics of the care provided and allows managers to make decisions based on facts.
In the wards
Preventing falls
Prevention of bedsore formation
Activity and mobility monitoring
Monitoring of alarming situations and falls in toilets and showers without cameras
Monitoring the quality of patient care
Virtual care of patients
In common areas
Preventing falls
Ensuring the safety of residents
Monitoring of staff and residents' movements
With the help of the intelligent monitoring system the staff will be able to prevent complications and accidents
With the use of video analytics there is no need to disturb patients and violate their personal space when it is not critically important.
Adjust the necessary events individually for each patient and adjust them when his
condition changes
Individual approach
Round-the-clock monitoring allows patients to be calm and confident that help will always be provided on time
Patient's calm
Give your staff more time for full-fledged care due to remote monitoring of patients
Freeing up time
Monitor the individual indicators of each patient and make decisions based on independent data
Decision-making assistance
Let's discuss how AI can improve the quality of patient care
in your facility
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