Third Opinion AI
Third Opinion AI
to fight against COVID-19
Third Opinion AI developed promptly services to simplify testing
for COVID-19
COVID-19 critical problems
438 out of 163 529
infected VS tested
Increasing number of pneumonia in Moscow
>130 000
Lack of medical staff
AI-services. COVID-19
Third Opinion AI introduced modules which help to solve the most significant problems in urban health care system
Automatic blood test

Third Opinion AI developed a software for hardware and software systems. The matter is to sort patient analyzes according to inflammatory reaction. It will help to identify people without signs of viral infection out of those who are being tested.
How it works
Patiens flow
All people potentially exposed to COVID-19 are being tested
Target cases
Only analyzes with signs of inflammatory reaction are picked out
PCR test
Persons with signs of inflammatory reaction are being tested for COVID-19.

Pneumania signs search
It takes 30 seconds for Third Opinion.Xray.Covid19 module to detect automatically pneumofibrosis, pulmonary pattern pathology and disease comlications symptoms: fluid in pleural cavity, infiltration, dark patch center, lung root expansion.
Immediate service implementation into PACS due to universal API speeds up X-rays large flow processing, identifieds faster COVID-19 possible symptoms and increase also diagnosis accuracy in those regions where there is a lack of qualified medical staff and specialized test systems .
CT scan
Automatic detection of specific features of Covid-19 and prioritization of CT studies

Third Opinion.CT-COVID-19 automatically detects Covid-19 symptoms.
The service performs the following tasks:
1. Assessment of Lung Volume Collapsibility.
2. Evaluation of disease progression
3. PACS worklist prioritization

How it works
Data upload
Third Opinion AI service unloads automatically in background study from PACS for analysis
Artificial Intelligence analyzes Research
Artificial intelligence analyzes image and gives conclusion due to semiotic signs
Triage and report
Based on analysis results, radiologist work list is prioritized, DICOM Structured Report is generated and new DICOM series with signs localization are added
Medical staff help
We have developed two-way distance communication system between doctor and patient and care quality AI-monitoring to reduce nurses forkflow.
How it works
Smart videomonitoring observes the process
Artificial intelligence detects important events
Nursing post gets instant alerts