Third Opinion Care

Intelligent monitoring
for safer patients

AI-based clinical observation system
Empowering nurses to provide the best and safest care to patients
Third Opinion Care is an intelligent monitoring system for increased patient safety. Using computer vision technology, while securely protecting patient information with HIPAA compliance, the system monitors patient safety and the quality of care provided by medical staff
AI Algorithm Accuracy
with No Missed Harm Events
Caregiver Response Time Reduction
Continuous Monitoring
Meet Third Opinion Care
Third Opinion Care computer vision algorithm continuously detects harm events and monitors the quality of care
Fall Avoidance
Alarms if patient falls

Bedsore Prevention
Checks whether the patient
changes position regularly
Care Monitoring
Recognizes who comes to patient and the time of visit
Elopement Detection
Notifies staff if the patient
has left the room
How it works
Intelligent Video Monitoring
Automatic Analysis Reports Important Events
Instant Mobile Alerts and
Nurse Station Dashboard
Improve your quality of patient care
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